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High-Power Electromagnetic System for Stopping Vehicles


Eureka Aerospace’s current High-Power Electromagnetic System (HPEMS) uses a compact, tunable power source and a high-gain antenna to beam microwave energy in the direction of targeted vehicles. Once emitted, these electromagnetic waves bring vehicles to a halt by inducing strong disabling currents in their ignition and control systems.

Overall, the fruits of our research will yield an efficient compact high-power microwave system capable of disabling or destroying the target’s microprocessors/electronic circuitry by delivering an electromagnetic “punch” in a wide range of military and law enforcement applications.

Specific key applications for HPEMS include:

• Non-lethal area denial

• Targeted immobilization of vehicles and boats

• Protection of high-value assets (embassies, barracks, comms)

• Protection of oil and gas platforms in open seas

• Protection of ships in open seas and harbors

• Neutralization of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

• Disrupting/damaging communication sites

• Guidance electronics jamming

• Assessment of EMI effects

Security Problem Addressed



This project will provide an indispensable tool for combating terrorist and insurgent activities at home and abroad. The system will significantly enhance safety and tactical enforcement capability in all branches of the United States and Coalition Armed Forces and law enforcement in the context of urban warfare, highway safety, and homeland security applications such as high-value asset protection and counter-terrorism activities. In the context of highway safety enforcement alone, the estimated national average of 350-2,500 pursuit-related deaths per year can be significantly reduced, and the impact in other areas will be even greater.


Our system is also expected to solve the problem of remote (at standoff distances exceeding 200 m) neutralization of electronically triggered IEDs, which clearly represent a serious and persistent threat to the United States and Coalition Armed Forces personnel and vehicles. The proposed solution will provide the Warfighter with the necessary means for clearance in support of mounted and dismounted operations in the theater.


The interest in the technology to date has been exhibited by numerous potential customers across a wide range of agencies, countries, and backgrounds. Besides strong financial and logistical support provided to date by the US Department of Defense and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, inquiries and market analysis show significant interest to the law enforcement community, private industry and key infrastructure (e.g. in perimeter protection scenarios), different branches of the Department of Homeland Security, and a wide variety of military users.